Loans against people with low financial standing

Secure, non-bank private investor loans underneath real estate pledge. Thanks to the developed system of contact with clients, we grant funds for any purpose as soon as possible.

Debt against agricultural land and arable land

Debt against agricultural land and arable land

Of the above two ha is intended for farmers and people who own arable land on the highest financial terms in the industry.

Our clients are individual clients, farmers as well as companies. The quality of help in the difficult private loan market is our key to success. At the bank, I heard that he is not eligible for such a large loan.

Since 2012, we provide services throughout the country, supporting entrepreneurs and individuals in obtaining private cash outlays. We are characterized by a flexible approach to the contractor and therefore we are able to consider a loan application exceeding 60% of the value of a residential apartment.

Private mortgage loan is not more expensive than a bank loan

because we have increased credit risk, but also available to almost every person. Loan for those in debt – a peculiar offer of a private loan against real estate, especially in recovery of bankruptcy estate from the time of trustee.

A secured loan is an alternative to bank loans and to customers. Rumia. We sign notarial agreements in the offices in every major city near Poland. Loans against security deposits in Silesia. The entire procedure mentioned above and its duration depends largely on the client.

It is best to use the option

To download and complete your own loan application from the side “downloadable documents”, while we will contact you as well as help in gathering all necessary documents – usually there are really few.

The variation of the loan agreement as well as its provisions are entirely based on the principles consistent with the civil law code. We provide loans for the repayment of existing declarations: bailiffs, debt collection, social security, tax and private declarations as well as loans for business managers.

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